Sunny and bright, a day it was

Water everywhere seemed sparse.

All were asking the sun to spare

When something happened: strange and rare.

The sky grew dark

The blissful sight people began to embark.

Least did they know that it was furious

Waiting for the rain,they were curious.

The sky was darker and wind was fierce

And finally the rain was here.

Along with it hailstones it brought

Naughty kids collected those in pots.

Trees and hoardings did it bend,

Leaving it to the riff raff to fend.

Throwing away the cars,lifting them in air

It gave a glance as if mother nature doesn’t care.

Lightning tore apart the sky

Following it,the thunder made people cry.

For few minutes only did it rain,

But it was nature’s cruelty at its best.

Many a lives did it claim,

Alas! nothing could be done as life is just a game .


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