Seems like i am obsessed with the spanish lingo…haha..Well jokes apart ,this is me and it’s my first blog…Just another blog like the thousand others…Am not a chauvinist ,nor am i here to preach jingoism or anything of that kind..Am a simple girl with many a dreams which ,i believe ,will come true one day…Taken aback by the Zeitgeist of the present era I often slip into comatose and keep swirling in the whirlpool of thoughts…really!! random thoughts…But one imagination always helps me to be the way I am. That imagination of me being a helmsman with a constant effort of keeping my boat safe helps me lead the right path in life’s every aspect…Since a kid i never gave up in anything,..i would fall and realise that am far behind my goal ,but never deterred myself  from stopping..So in a nutshell ,to me ,life is a flamboyant festival which always smiles at you if only you smile back at it..:)

have a cherubic dream 🙂


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