Sunny and bright, a day it was Water everywhere seemed sparse. All were asking the sun to spare When something happened: strange and rare. The sky grew dark The blissful sight people began to embark. Least did they know that it was furious Waiting for the rain,they were curious. The sky was darker and wind … More DELUGE

Poverty Pricks

Last evening I had been to the park Just for a brief walk. I met a small poor boy, Who appeared to be coy. Lost in his thoughts,he gazed at the sky, with thousand dreams in his limpid eyes. Curiously did I ask “what happened dear?” startled ,he reacted,with looks unclear. He didn’t speak as … More Poverty Pricks


Seems like i am obsessed with the spanish lingo…haha..Well jokes apart ,this is me and it’s my first blog…Just another blog like the thousand others…Am not a chauvinist ,nor am i here to preach jingoism or anything of that kind..Am a simple girl with many a dreams which ,i believe ,will come true one day…Taken … More Hola!!!